Törley Commercial Spot

I’ve decided to create a champagne commercial spot in order to showcase a cool and condensation effect where water is dripping down the champagne bottle.
This is of course my private portfolio project and not an actual “Work project” aaaand since its my own private project i chose a hungarian label called törley, since im hungarian myself.
Hope you enjoy the process, here’s some WIP stills.

ID Project.

Sorry for not updating the blog in awhile, it’s been a hectic period for me however ill be posting WIP’s for the new project which will be a ID spot for discovery channel.

When I started the project I knew I had to look around for inspiration and to know what sells and what looks good visually.
In the end the majority of the IDspots I saw didn’t really match up to my expectations in the ways of visually presenting something.

Then I stumbled on a VFX / Design company called KORB where I really enjoyed the visual abstract look of how they present stuff by being ofc abstract, using sounds and using camera focusing on sort of “getting to the next step” visually.

Great example:

More @ https://vimeo.com/korb

What I mean by that is:

  • 1 effect contributes the selling of the following effect. Effects can usually be broken down to events.
  • If the events doesnt match then the footage doesnt sell and it will look unrealistic and the audience wont accept effect thinking that looked like shit.

And to be honest, there are loads of great artists that knows what they are doing, but there are many artists that just likes randomly doing stuff thinking this looked cool. I bet it will land me a job, and ofc they go on with several effects that doesnt match up and becomes unemployed.

From what I’ve heard from plenty of people is that the world has many good technical artists but there are quite few whom can be both technical and visually artistic, and of course they are the one’s that stands out.

So since i’ve choosen Discovery channel for the IDent/Spot, i’ll break down my thoughts on what I think of on reflecting on discovery.
And ofc, on presenting the channel we have the all famous world globe they use on their logo.

I also wanted some kind of evolution connected to the logo, so I went on and gave a spherical organism some evolving effect, however during the evolving phase I felt that it needed some kind of disorganisation, which will be some form of splitting up/pushing out some of the organisms body.

After awhile it sort of connects the dots and evolve into planet earth which ofc turns out to be discovery channel logo.

There are still some things to be decided and its still a WIP, but here’s some previs progressions.

Solving some unexpected problems with the project, but in time i’ll post the results

Secret scene in the movie 2012 (Ohwait, j/k)

I finally got the mood up to continiue abit on my bachelors project. As mentioned in the previous post this summer as affected me really hard, however atm im not using any plugins for the scene, just some basic 3Ds max knowledge and scripting.

Heres a screen from what i’ve got so far

1st WIP Update:

2nd WIP Update:

Used thinking particles in order to simulate the dynamics of the chunks.

2nd WIP Update (PreRender):

3rd WIP Update:

3rd WIP Update:

Some previews will come up in the next few days on the ground cracking up.

Update: Sorry for not updating in a while. Here’s the completed work with a scene breakdown.

Project: EQ_Breakdown from Alex Oszlanci on Vimeo.

Best regards

Summer 2012

Before the summer of 2012 I had and still have a project in progress.
Right when I finished up with the R&D Phase (as the school summer break started) I moved home to see and be with my parents, and was very happy to be with them.

A month later (July), me and my father celebrated his birthday.
4 days after his day, came my birthday.

And 8 days later my beloved father passed away.
So with that being said, this summer has yet been the worst I’ve had.

I’ll occasionally update on my progress since this summer has taken its toll on me.

Rest in peace my beloved father.
Sandor A. Oszlanci (1934-07-02 – 2012-07-14)

Best regards.

Tracking Tests.

Lately i’ve been doing some Tracking tests with syntheyes alongside with 3Ds max and Thinking particles. The plan is to track and have something happening on the field.

Here are the results so far.

These footage tests conclude my R&D phase and we’ll move on to the real deal.

Desert explosions

This is a test containing a placeholder for an explosive weapon of choice (Cannon or Grenade launcher for e.g)
The scene contains a small desert test which i thought would look nice on with all the particles and turbulent forces flowing around.

However atm. I’ve only gotten through the basic setup. Theres some more tweaking to be done.
Here’s a small rendered pic of the small scene atm.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Unfortunatly due to massive school work this project has been put to a hold.


Shattering Logo

Here’s a clip of my logo fragmenting as a deflector moves from left to right.
The particles were created with Thinking Particles.

The first frags of the logo spawns secondary fragments and the secondarys spawns even smaller fragments in order to make it abit more visually interesting.

The first frags were passed through a FumeFX Sim, where the fire and the smoke were separately simulated and later comped in nuke. Later on I added some optical flares through a reflection pass in After effects.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!
Here’s the vid.